Artist Statement

My process of work can be described as a continuous construction and deconstruction of slippery identity and gender. In my performance work I create obscure multisensory baroque environments that fuse in unusual way elements from sculpture, video, absurd theater and visceral opera. The multisensorial aspect of my performance practice is achieved through innovative ways of using wireless sensors technology and new media. My performance practice mirrors the baroque and radical aesthetics and redefines their characteristics through imitation and inversion, sublimation and glamorization. I invert radical performativity in order to adventure into the realm of playfulness where martyrs are made from candy, and blood is made from sugar and caramel. Glamour and dirt coexist in the same territory. This is my play in a defected playground where feelings and thoughts can be represented as a physical shock, and where drama and jubilation intertwine. My latest body of work places my baroque Romanian identity in a specific niche where filthy operas, sickly sweet parades and hyperbolic presentation take form of a kaleidoscopic vision.


Theo Pelmus is a performance artist who has received several awards, including an emerging artist grant and integrated arts grant from the Ontario Arts Council (2006; 2009), the Dennis Tourbin Fund for emerging artist in performance art (2007) and an emerging artist grant from the City of Ottawa (2009, 2012). He has exhibited nationally and internationally, including shows in New York, Copenhagen and the Bucharest Biennial. Theo has a BFA and MFA from the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest and a second MFA at the University of Ottawa. He is an active participant in the Ottawa arts community, most notably as a programming member of Available Light Screening Collective. He is represented by La Petite Mort Gallery in Ottawa.


Theo can be contacted by email at theo.pelmus@gmail.com